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MEDELI DD309 - Digital Drum With Guiding Indicator System

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MEDELI DD309 Electronic Table Drum


DD309 packs everything a drummer needs in a compact console with 7 touch sensitive pads and 2 pedals. It features 310 high quality drum sounds, 65 drum kits and 125 preset songs. The sound system is carefully tuned to give big sound regardless of the small console. It features the same realistic percussion sound from the drum sets. The L-R function allows left-handed drummers to adjust the drum pads to better fit their way of playing.


Besides from having great sound, DD309 is all about having fun. Connect a PC to DD309 through a USB cable to play any MIDI compatible games or run software. Download the MIDI songs from a computer thru a USB-MIDI port and play them on DD309 as user songs. Plug a portable music device through aux in and you could play along to one of your favorite songs.


Compact and stylish, DD309 is a powerful performing tool at gigs and is a fun instrument for drum enthusiasts.




7 Pads  


(touch sensitivity with Flashing indicator)


Display: 3-digits LED


Voices: 310; 128 GM


Drum Kits: 55 preset; 10 user


Songs: 120 preset; 5 user


Demo: 1


Learning: Drum lesson


Record: 5 songs


Tempo: 30 - 280


Effect: Reverb on / off




PC software (Drum Waver Maker, Song Transfer)


Dimensions LWH (mm): 618 x 383 x 130