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PRS Floating Guitar Stand

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There's no better way to show off your prized PRS electric or acoustic than the PRS Floating Guitar Stand. Equal parts engineering marvel and modern art installation, the PRS Floating Guitar Stand paints the illusion of your guitar floating in space. And whether it's the centerpiece of your studio, living room, or office, the PRS Floating Guitar Stand is guaranteed to make an impression. The rugged metal base and bar are impressively stable, which makes single-handed pickups and deposits a total non-concern. And since the headstock cradle is safe for all nitrocellulose finishes, the PRS Floating Guitar Stand makes a great option for any guitar in your collection, vintage or contemporary. One point of PRS flair we at Sweetwater really enjoy is the Birds casting in the foot of the base — Paul's seal of quality to any PRS player in the know.